The business world moves fast. JALCO moves faster. JALCO moves especially fast in matters of planning and ROI.

What is JALCO?
JALCO is a new and unique approach to addressing technical and creative issues. JALCO blends the experience and knowledge of the three main components in any business situation: the client, the vendor and the consultant.

JALCO senior management has vast experience in all three areas, and from both sides of the coin. JALCO now blends those experiences into a cohesive service based organization that gets the job done.

Think of JALCO as a portal with a difference. JALCO does not put a client in touch with (or link to) an appropriate vendor. Tell JALCO what is needed and it finds the necessary organizations and individuals to get the job done. Unlike traditional consultants or service-based portals, JALCO actually remains involved to get the job done. Your organization is not dumped into the hands of a third party, at additional cost. JALCO manages any or all aspects of the job as the client sees fit and necessary, and builds a relationship for the future.

JALCO quickly establishes or evaluates a plan and possess the ability to carry out the entire plan or individual aspects. JALCO can also supply the staff, manage or supervise and procure equipment and required materials. This is all done with a sharp eye on ROI. All actions and decisions are based on fiscally sound logic and reality based budgeting.

In short, when it comes to planning for any initiative, JALCO can do it all - from consultation to completion.

Get the most for your money, or better yet, get more for less money. That is what JALCO is all about.