A simple evaluation designed to ascertain how well a web site works. The objective is simple, if the site works - it works, and may require little or no enhancements. If the site does not work, decisions need to be made on how to remedy the problem. We can help!
We are pleased to offer this free evaluation service based upon our contention that analysis is firmly grounded in common sense. JALCO is not telling you anything you should be able to see for yourself. The issue, as always, is time and expertise. How many organizations actually have the time or staff for self-evaluation? Wouldn't an experienced third party, who specializes in web sites be of value to you?


Many existing sites fail to work effectively for all sorts of reasons. The fact is, an organization that does not have the time to figure out why their site is not "working" is also not very likely to have the time to fix it!
JALCO will determine if the site works, identify what may be going wrong and then share this information with your organization, all at NO CHARGE. If you like our recommendations we will sit with you and discuss a plan for any repairs or enhancements needed to get the site to function the way it was intended.

Contact JALCO directly for details:
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