The JALCO System elucidates JALCO services as components of a thoughtful and comprehensive strategy. Clients may enter and exit at any point while maintaining the certainty that JALCO will always be standing by ready to provide assistance at any point.

It all begins with meetings or consultations where the clients discuss needs, goals and objectives with JALCO.
Infrastructure is assembled & potential staffing is interviewed and retained as required.      
JALCO develops an appropriate design solution that satisfies all areas and concerns as expressed by the client.
At the appropriate juncture, JALCO supervises the acquisition of hardware, software, and relevant support equipment.    
The client reviews, modifies and/or accepts JALCO's proposal.
JALCO continually provides Expense Management & Contract Compliance for the duration of the project.
JALCO assumes full responsibility for the project (or initiative) and begins Expense Management & Contract Negotiations for all areas.
In addition to overseeing final stages of the initial project requirements, JALCO designs, develops, launches and deploys any additional ancillary initiatives designed to support the primary objective. This includes websites, CD-ROMs, Video and DVD.
After all rates, expenses, agreements and contracts are in place, JALCO assumes Construction Management, as physical work commences.

JALCO furnishes support such as Web mastering, Tech support, Hosting and ISP Services.
In the final phase of any relationship, JALCO develops and continually updates a full scale Business Continuity Plan.